Patrick Tsai “Hot Water” CLOSING 直前 LIVE!



開場 17:30 / 開演 18:00

入場料 800




101-0031東京都千代田区東神田1-3-5 ミツヨシビル1F (P2G GALLERY)

JR 総武線 馬喰町駅 徒歩5

都営新宿線 馬喰横山駅 徒歩7
東京メトロ 日比谷線 小伝馬町駅 徒歩10





Hot Water by Patrick Tsai : Closing Live Event!
Pikachu, the drummer of former Japanese band “Afrirampo”, will play an acoustic live at Cultivate gallery under her solo name “Moon Mama”.  We hope that her intimate, raw performance accompanied with Patrick’s bright photos will leave you happily shaken. Enjoy!

10/02 (Saturday)
Doors Open  5:30/ Start  6:00
Ticket  800 yen (Reservation or Door)
Maximum Capacity: 25 people

For reservation, please write your name, how many people, and phone number to the email address below.  For cancellations, please contact us at least a day in advance.


***** IMPORTANT******  In case the show is sold out… If  you have made a reservation and do not show up before 5:50 on the day of the event, then you LOSE YOUR RESERVATION. We will give your seat to someone who is waiting outside for a ticket.


Mitsuyoshi Bldg. 1F, 1-3-5 Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

JR Sobu-Line Bakurocho-Station, walk 5min.

Toei-Shinjuku-Line Bakuroyokoyama-Station, walk 7min.

Tokyo-Metro Hibiya-Line Kodenmacho-Station, walk 10min.

Moon Mama is the name of Pikachu’s accompanying herself solo.
Pikachu is well known as the drummer of Afrirampo, also she has joined Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno since Western Japan tour in last summer. she released this solo cdr from her label Moon Light Records in last December when Moon Mama had Japan tour at that time.
you can find her other faces from Afrirampo, more like just as one young woman from this album.
she sings and plays guitar, also plays drums on only one track as drums solo.
so this is almost her folk album, the sound is really cosmic motherly love!!
especially i was really impressed by one song “Okaasan (Mama)”…
she sings “mama,mama, i saw a dream that you died in yesterday… when i woke up in the morning, i had watery eyes until my pillow got wet with tears… and my tears made me cry again… i love you mama, i love you mama… it’s a little difficult to sing this song… but i should sing this song…
i wish children in the whole world sing this song… i love you mama, i love you mama…” right, almost Japanese people don’t say “i love you” to anyone in their family, even their parents, even their children, also even wife or husband… and they don’t touch with each others, no shake of the hand, no hug, no kiss, this is typical our Japanese custom. it’s totally different from Western custom…
so i guess singing this song was courageous action for her… but probably she loves her mama much more than her sense of shame or her identity with Japanese custom…
i enjoy talking with her, always i was surprised and impressed by her flabbergasting thinking and unique philosophy… i doubt she might come from another world or outer space…?
anyway i can enjoy her singing with such pure mind from this album… maybe many people has been faded away this kind of pure mind by their social livings… this kind of people totally has been faded away his pure mind!!
河端 一(Acid MotheresTemple)


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